Dr. Martin Williams

Senior Pastor

Dr. Martin L. Williams is a phenomenal leader and global speaker. He is sought after and frequently travels nationally and internationally sharing life-changing principles and concepts. He obtained a Masters Degree in Leisure Sports Management and a Doctorate of Biblical Studies. Dr. Martin and his wife, Dr. Lynnell, reside in Omaha, Nebraska with their two beautiful adult children: Joshua and Callie.

Dr. Martin is a real estate developer and investor who has acquired and purchased millions of dollars of land and properties in Omaha. One of the major purchases was a former Walmart that now has been re-purposed into “The Embassy Center”: which houses their ministry, Ambassadors Worship Center, Dream Realty, and many other businesses. Dr. Martin's proven business practices have earned him the admiration of his congregation and colleagues in leadership. He is credited for developing skilled leaders in society who operate thriving businesses within their local communities.

Dr. Martin, and his wife, Dr. Lynnell have published several leadership development books. His books have been proven tools to assist men and women from all walks of life in getting their lives moving in the right direction both spiritually and naturally. The eye-opening concepts found in his writings are straight-forward and undeniably impacting.

Dr. Martin founded Martin Williams International to encourage and foster individuals and organizations to build strong networks to aid others in their endeavors. The goal is to help identify their God-given purpose as well as share practical steps in getting on the right track toward personal success. He firmly believes one life can influence hundreds with discipline and a clear vision.

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Dr. Lynnell Williams

Executive Pastor

Dr. Lynnell Williams, a native of Brookhaven, Mississippi, is the Executive Pastor of Ambassadors Worship Center since 1994 located in Omaha, Nebraska along with her husband, Dr. Martin L. Williams. In 1988, she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Fashion/Interior Design with an emphasis in Marketing. In addition to all her other responsibilities, Dr. Lynnell has obtained her Doctorate of Biblical Studies from Justice Fellowship International. She is an awesome teacher and conference speaker who demonstrates the Kingdom of God through sharing God’s Word in a straight-forward manner.

A minister of the Gospel, Dr. Lynnell has a global influence in both ministry and prophetic singing. She serves in many capacities within her local church by role modeling and instructing others to pursue excellence in their service to the King! Her passion is to encourage believers to walk in excellence and be governed by the set lines of spiritual authority. Dr. Lynnell’s style of teaching empowers and equips others with practical principles for fulfilling their god-given purpose. She has a special gift of bringing out the best in others by insisting that they walk in integrity and show forth the glory of God in their own character.

Dr. Lynnell has a unique eye for detail and providing administrative assistance in the day-to-day operations of running the church. However, above all her accomplishments, she considers supporting her husband in ministry and raising Godly children as her primary purpose. As a mother of two, she believes that the best way to raise successful children is to be an active model in demonstrating the love of God. Along with her husband, Dr. Lynnell is the co-author of such books as All Marriages Are Not Created Equal, Raise Your Expectations, Ignorance, 15 Days to Joy and Exhale.

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Our Spiritual Parents

The late Dr. Myles & Pastor Ruth Munroe were more than mentors to our Pastors, they were spiritual fathers. In the year 2000, Dr. Martin felt led to seek out a father in the ministry. He first heard Dr. Myles Munroe teach on purpose and when he heard that message, he knew Dr. Munroe was the right teacher. Once he made it to one of his conferences, the message drove him to go to the book table and purchase every book Dr. Munroe had written. When Dr. Martin heard the revelation of the message of the Kingdom of God, he knew that was the teaching he had been searching for his entire life. He went home and told the church of his revelation and that he would teach nothing from that point on, but the Kingdom of God. Dr. Martin had grown up in church, he knew the message of salvation, but he always knew that there was more. He knew that Jesus came offering more than just salvation, He came offering a return of the life that Adam lost: the restoration of the Kingdom of God to mankind, back to Genesis 1.

When Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth passed on to be with the Lord, the message of the Kingdom became even more important, as Dr. Munroe was the elite teacher on the message of the Kingdom. Drs. Martin & Lynnell knew this message must “be preached to the entire world”, and they are committed to teaching this message everywhere they go.

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